Joanne de Simone

 About Joanne de Simone

Joanne is an author, dramatist and film historian. She has written five plays. Her Judy's Dead took first prize in the 2010 Writers Digest Stage Play competition -now in negotiations for upcoming TV movie, and The Suicide Angel is currently in feature film pre-production.

Joanne’s historical play Earthmen will be released as a short film in 2015. Norma Jeane Enlightened, a fantasy about Marilyn in the afterlife was well received at the MITF Festival in 2012.


Her film review column appeared in The Fire Island News (1998-2004). Ms. de Simone’s work has appeared in various magazines and film journals.


Her new ‘teen’ book, The Curious Plight of Milicent Wryght, will be released in May 2015, along with the second edition of her YA book, The Metro Cats: Life in the Core of the Big Apple. Joanne will present a staged reading of her short play Livvie and J. de Beau (de Havilland and Fontaine in conversation) at a Hamptons Ladies’ Club in March 2015. She is currently working on a novel: Lovers.Husbands.Strangers.







Love is a mystery,

Love is blind,

Clinging to a bruised history.


Love is a drowning pool,

Love is unkind,

Crashing  the last hope of a fool.


Love is a hunter’s net,

Love is nonaligned,

Crossing purposes with regret .


Love is a gambler’s game,

Love is undermined,

Killing its soul without blame.


- by Joanne de Simone

© 2013 Joanne de Simone


Song of Aquarius

This wind

It wraps itself around me

For a moment.

Then it is gone.

It teases with caresses

Of hope.

Then it moves on.

This wind

It swells without notice

To a tempest.

Or dwindles to a whiff.

Then it is calm.

It is free and cannot stay.

Circling, soaring, drifting

On its own terms.

This wind.

It touches everyone.

Belongs to no one.

Leaving its bittersweet song.




Separate Beds


                  You lay only a few paces from me,


                  And my body cried out to be taken;


                  Oh God, dare I venture to intrude?


                  Darling, why did you punish me so?



                  You left me to lie in torment and guilt


                  When you banished me from your bed;


                  And let me crave your magical touch;


                  Sweet darling, why punish me so?



                  My last chance to be as your woman


                  In a setting so dear to us both,


                  Yet you chose to cling to the moment;


                  Oh, darling, why did you punish me so?



                  The memory of it all is so acrid,


                  For the joy we shared is roughly blurred;


                  I still see your body in the moonlight,


                  And the struggle to keep myself away;



                 So, I ask you, now, though you can’t hear...


                 My darling, why did you punish me so?